Big Shots

Did you ever wonder what "Sex and the City" would have been like if the women were men and their lives were royally complicated instead of glamorous and carefree? Apparently someone did—enough to turn it into a series all its own. But don't tell anyone at "Big Shots" that. This is just a show about dudes.

"Big Shots" features four power players in the New York business world, who are all put in their place by the women in their lives. They gather at the golf course or the steam room to commiserate with each other over their respective hardships and then put their game faces on for the rest of the world. For these men, issues of discussion include broken marriages, bipolar mistresses, domineering wives and an unfortunate case of mistaken gender identity with one very tall hooker. It has all the makings of a fairly benign dramedy, but it's executed with such a tired predictability and utter lack of panache that it leaves you feeling duped instead of blindly entertained.

Who's that?: "Big Shots" boasts a smorgasbord of TV veterans, including Dylan McDermott ("The Practice"), Michael Vartan ("Alias"), Christopher Titus ("Titus") and Joshua Malina ("The West Wing") playing the four leading men.

Buzzed about: He may not have had his hand in the first episode, but "Veronica Mars" creator (and all around TV god) Rob Thomas recently landed on "Big Shots" as a consulting producer. After a summer of an unsettling game of industry musical chairs, his involvement could do a lot to improve the series.

The "ooh" factor: It was just announced that "Buffy" and "Angel" alum and "Veronica Mars" sexpot Charisma Carpenter has landed a recurring guest role. The addition of Carpenter might just be enough to reel us in. Thankfully, her first appearance won't be until November, giving them a little while to work up to the caliber she's used to.

The "eh" factor: Unfortunately, there's a whole lot of "eh" going on here. But flat characters that are almost impossible to sympathize with and stale exaggerations of life in New York rank highest on our list.

The verdict: These guys are their own biggest fans. They don't need us.

"Big Shots" premieres Thursday, Sept. 27 at 10 p.m./9c on ABC.

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