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Does malpractice insurance cover broken hearts? What do dreams about Jeannie mean? And how much is an apartment in Fraggle Rock? Find out the answers to these questions, plus what else is coming out, in this week's installment of TV on DVD!

Show: Grey's Anatomy, The Complete Third Season…Seriously Extended (Buena Vista)
Format: DVD
What is it?: Considering how much drama there is amongst the staff of Seattle Grace Hospital, it's a wonder any of their patients survive, let alone get healthy. This season saw Izzie having a mental breakdown, George putting up with a family drama when his dad was hospitalized and Cristina having to wrestle with her conscience. But honestly, if this show were really like real life, would anyone watch it? Well, maybe…if it was like the drama-filled real life on the set this seasonâ¦
Number of discs/episodes: 7 discs/25 episodes
Extras: Four extended episodes; audio commentary; the "Making Rounds With Patrick Dempsey" featurette; deleted scenes and bloopers; the "Shades Of Grey: One On One With Ellen Pompeo" interview; "Good Medicine," a survey of the cast's and crew's favorite scenes; and the "Prescription For Success" featurette.
Price: $59.99
Buy, borrow or ignore: Buy.

Show: I Dream Of Jeannie, The Complete Fourth Season (Sony)
Format: DVD
What is it?: Considering what you can get away with on TV these days, it's funny to think that back in the '60s, when they were making this classic sitcom, they weren't allowed to show Barbara Eden's midriff. Though it's also funny, when you consider what astronauts get caught doing these days, how much Major Nelson used to panic over being caught harboring a wish-granting fugitive. But none of that is as funny as what Jeannie and Nelson actually did this season, which included getting a magical dog, Jeannie turning up on "Laugh-In" and restraining themselves when Dick Sargent of "Bewitched" was a guest star.
Number of discs/episodes: 4 discs/26 episodes
Extras: Digitally remastered sound and picture; previews.
Price: $39.95
Buy, borrow or ignore: Buy.

Show: Fraggle Rock, The Complete Third Season (HIT Entertainment/Fox)
Format: DVD.
What is it?: Someone needs to explain to us why muppets—be they on "Sesame Street," "The Muppet Show" or "Fraggle Rock"—like to sing so much? Are they just a musical people, or is it a Jim Henson thing? Sadly, we can't ask him, but we can enjoy his unique brand of harmonious puppet comedy, especially in this latest collection of the kiddie show he did for HBO. Sure, if you were too old to enjoy it when it first aired in the '80s, you won't enjoy it now, but if you were a kid back then (or are a kid now), you'll get a big kick out of this weird but song-filled show.
Number of discs/episodes: 5 discs/24 episodes
Extras: All-new interviews with the original cast and creators; original sketches by co-creator Michael Frith.
Price: $49.98
Buy, borrow or ignore: Borrow.

Other TV DVDs out this week:
Adams Family, Volume 3 (MGM)
Avatar The Last Airbender, The Complete Book 2 Collection (Nickelodeon/Lionsgate)
Bones, The Complete Second Season (Fox)
Charmed, The Final Season (CBS/Paramount)
Ghost Whisperer, Season Two (CBS/Paramount)
Judge Judy, Justice Served (Allumination)
McHale's Navy, Season 2 (Shout Factory)
Supernatural, The Complete Second Season (Warner Home Video)
The Film Crew, Wild Women Of Wongo (Shout Factory)
The Starter Wife (Universal)
Tom & Jerry Spotlight Collection, Vol. 3 (Warner Home Video)
Two And A Half Men, The Complete First Season (Warner Home Video)
War And Civilization (KOCH)

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