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In the world of ordinary people discovering extraordinary abilities on NBC's "Heroes," we've seen some reluctance, some bad decisions and a whole lotta confusion about how exactly to use these special powers.

And then there's Hiro Nakamura. He's not in denial and he's not scared (OK, maybe a little scared, but who wouldn't be?)—he's the most genuinely grateful hero of the bunch. And Masi Oka, who plays Hiro with Emmy-nominated perfection, is just as humble and appreciative as the courageous teleporter he portrays.

Masi opened up about everything from his new subtitled friends and fan marriage proposals to the Ice Capades—proving once again exactly why he's everyone's favorite TV geek.

You've said the only drawback of this job is that, when Hiro teleports himself, there's so much intense staring and head rattling you might have an aneurysm—has it calmed down a bit this season?
Not really! It's become such an iconic gesture. In fact, I think there's more of it now.

Where are you traveling for the "Heroes" world tour?
[Creator] Tim [Kring] and I will be on the Asia trip. And when we come to your city, we put on a full show. We're going to be a musical on ice skates. The "Heroes": Ice Capades is what's going to happen.

How much fun was it to work with George Takei?
Oh, George Takei was phenomenal to work with. And if you were to ask George Takei he would say, "Well I found working with Masi to be quite an experience. He's quite a young and talented individual. And it's nice to see the sci-fi generation get passed on from the older to the younger, and the legacy being kept alive." [Laughs.]

Well you are an Emmy-nominated actor now—how does that feel?
Well I'm definitely floored and humbled and proud of our nomination. To be part of this ensemble is just absolutely amazing and a gift. And to have an Emmy nom is definitely a cherry on top. So the nomination is fantastic. And we're all proud—it reflects the hard work that we've all put in on the show.

Did you have a inkling you'd get nominated?
I was pretty confident the show would get nominated, actually. We were so confident that I was hanging out with Zachary Quinto [who plays Sylar] and we were going to stay up all night and watch the announcement so we could kind of share the glory together. Unfortunately we fell asleep. But we had a very nice wake up call…let's put it that way.

What's it like filming season two now that Hiro has teleported so far into the past?
The filming has been fantastic. The location looks phenomenal. You wouldn't have guessed that it's Ventura County—it looks like feudal Japan. The scout people found an amazing place and it's been so fun working with David Anders and Eriko Tamura. They are the main focus in Hiro's storyline. And I know Hiro will be in feudal Japan for a handful of episodes.

Will these new characters get the chance to interact with your fellow heroes?
I guess Hiro could theoretically take people back into present day…I don't know the full storyline unfortunately. But as far as I know, I'm in feudal Japan.

Did you have fun at this year's Comic-Con?
It was absolutely amazing, kind of like winning the Super Bowl and going back to your home city. It was just a great celebration of the phenomenon that we've all created together—the fans, the writers, the cast. I even got a chance to walk through the floor and interact with some of the fans. There's so much love and so much passion for our show…just to be a part of that celebration was phenomenal.

Are you getting marriage proposals, strange letters or pictures of fans in various states of dress now?
Various states of dress…I've definitely gotten a couple pictures where they're over-dressed with a lot of different costumes! And I have gotten a number of marriage proposals over the mail—I'm not quite sure how to react to them. I'm a big believer in love at first sight, but marriage at first sight might not be a wise thing.

Are you OK with being the quintessential coolest geek now? Do you feel like you're giving geeks out there some street cred?
Oh yeah, I'm very fortunate to be able to represent the geeks. For me, the notion of a geek has always been someone who's passionate about something—whether it's computers, ant farms, musicals or paperweights. It defines us as individuals, gives us our uniqueness. It's more commendable to be a geek and be passionate about something, than to be apathetic about everything.

Any other cool "Heroes" things coming up?
Well maybe "Heroes: The Movie," when we have a budget for that.

Really? You think?
That was a joke, but with what "The Simpsons" movie did, Universal might get some ideas…

Well, yeah, after well over a decade of being on the air…
There you go. If you want a "Heroes" movie, please keep us afloat for another 14 seasons!

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Heroes (tv program)TelevisionMarriageJapanEntertainmentSuper Bowl