Video shows Colton Harris-Moore's last moments of freedom

Fox Broadcasting CompanyColton Harris-Moore

For the first time we're seeing how the Barefoot Bandit's last moments of freedom went down. Surveillance video from a yacht in the Bahamas shows Colton Harris-Moore being taken down by a swarm of police.

The black and white footage, under copyright to J. Sackett and obtained by The Seattle Times, shows Harris-Moore running back and forth along a dock at the Romora Bay Resort.

According to The Times, Harris-Moore had docked his stolen boat around midnight after being chased by some men in another boat. He was yelling 'They're trying to kill me!' . A security guard for the resort says Harris-Moore looked hungry and frail. A few hours later he took off in another powerboat.

The video then shows police boarding the boat and taking Harris-Moore into custody.

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Fox Broadcasting CompanyColton Harris-Moore