Harvey blasts southeast Texas with drenching rain and deadly flooding

Harvey, which started out as a Category 4 storm, slammed into southeast Texas on Aug. 25. Since then, multiple deaths have been reported, many due to flooding. Thousands of Houston residents have been displaced and rescue efforts are still underway.

When hurricanes hit, philanthropic video game enthusiasts came to the rescue

In recent years, online video game enthusiasts have been raising millions of dollars for disaster relief. So when Hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck, many gamers were the first to step up and help.

After Harvey hit, one Texas nursing home evacuation began with a gun drawn

In a Texas nursing home flooded in Hurricane Harvey, administrators clashed with amateur rescuers. The result was a criminal investigation.

In Harvey's aftermath, the long wait sets in, keeping tensions high

Harvey flooding turns into a long, buggy, muggy waiting game.

Trump's deal with Democrats averts the budget and debt crisis, but leaves some in the GOP seething

The House approves $7.85 billion in initial aid for Hurricane Harvey, with a Senate passage expected by week's end -- but not before attaching a provision to raise the debt ceiling.

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Houston's resilient refugees can be a 'been there, done that' resource for Harvey survivors

Houston, a city of refugees, can tap the experiences of immigrants who lost everything and then rebuilt.

Here's how Houston's museums and theatres fared during Harvey

How much damage did Harvey inflict on Houston's arts institutions? A survey of how the city's museums and other institutions made it through.

A Houston woman lost everything in Hurricane Harvey. Now, she could lose her DACA protection, too

Dulce Puente hardly has time to worry about DACA ending. She's trying to clean up her flooded Houston home.

A Houston woman camped out in a tent on her front lawn during Harvey to save her flooded home

When Hurricane Harvey flooded Nikki Fields’ house last week, she knew she did not want to abandon her home of 16 years.

They spent decades turning a dilapidated Texas property into an artists retreat. Then Harvey struck

Sue and Rod Bown spent decades building an artists retreat on the Dickinson Bayou. Then Hurricane Harvey destroyed it.

In Harvey's wake, frustration over flood's ravages tempered by spirit of solidarity

In Houston, tens of thousands spending holiday weekend tending to flood-damaged homes, businesses

A Texas congregation dries out its flood-damaged church, then cries and sings about the water

The First United Methodist Church in Dickinson, Texas, holds services a week after floodwaters rushed in.

The shattering choices three families faced as Hurricane Harvey slammed through their lives

This is how three families survived the deadly waters in Houston.

Mnuchin calls for raising national debt limit as part of Harvey aid package

Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin says it's time "to put politics aside" to speed relief to hurricane victims.

'Entertainers for the day': The Astros play a home game, giving Houston the respite it needs in Harvey's aftermath

The Houston Astros play their first home game after Hurricane Harvey, a welcome diversion for the storm-ravaged city.

In tale of two cities, parts of Houston survived untouched, while others begin flood cleanup

President Trump vists Texas again Saturday, where reservoir releases continue to flood parts of Houston.

After Harvey, Texas rallies to rescue cats and dogs, with lessons learned from Hurricane Katrina

Animals in Hurricane Harvey's path are being rescued and relocated to shelters across the country.

After the search and rescue ends, what comes next for Harvey victims?

Once the search and rescue ends, what immediately comes next for Harvey victims?

Muslim volunteers spend Eid helping Houston hurricane recovery

Hundreds of volunteers from a Muslim youth group launched boat rescues, served donated food and helped residents clean up.

Harvey is one of the costliest disasters in U.S. history, and most of the victims have no flood insurance

Harvey could top Katrina as the costliest disaster in U.S. history. Most of the victims have no insurance against flood damage

'I think he's barbecuing': A helicopter view of the Texas flood with the California National Guard

Aboard an HH-60G Pave Hawk swooping over the flooded neighborhoods and plains of Southeast Texas, where a California Air National Guard crew launched on search and rescue.

Texas residents face new evacuations and overflowing rivers caused by Harvey

Emergency officials and residents continue coping with the massive floodwaters left by Tropical Storm Harvey.

For Texas immigrants, Harvey came at an already tense time

In Texas, Immigrants in the country illegally fear fleeing floodwaters or seeking aid will lead to their deportation.

Harvey is likely to be the second-most costly natural disaster in U.S. history

Some economic researchers are putting the price tag of Harvey at $81 billion to $108 billion or more, most of that in damage to homes and commercial property.

How a Texas bowling alley became a beacon of hope after Harvey's deluge

In Port Arthur, Texas, the Max Bowl bowling alley has become one of the unlikeliest evacuation centers to emerge in the wake of Tropical Storm Harvey.

Rescuing the living, recovering the dead: Storm Harvey moves on, but ravaging floods left behind

A major hospital is forced to evacuate after municipal water system fails in Beaumont, Texas; Pence pledges, "We are with you."

Hurricane Harvey destroyed this town. But residents are laughing through the destruction

A Texas town battered by Hurricane Harvey tries to keep its spirits up.

Rams to support Harvey relief efforts with share of ticket proceeds and auctions for season opener

Rams players Michael Brockers and Malcolm Brown began drives to aid victims of Hurricane Harvey, and the organization is joining the effort, the Rams announced Thursday.

After storm's fury, a sorrowful task: Gathering up the dead

Hurricane Harvey has claimed at least 31 lives. But the death toll is expected to rise this week as flooding subsides and people return home and search for the missing.

Harvey pounded the nation's chemical epicenter. What's in the foul-smelling floodwater left behind?

The flooded plant was left without refrigeration for chemicals that become volatile as the temperature rises

J.J. Watt's fundraiser for Harvey relief tops the $10-million mark

J.J. Watt’s effort to raise money to help victims of Tropical Storm Harvey in the Houston area has received an incredible response, and the momentum only seems to be building.

Humanity shows its best self as Harvey devastates Texas coast

Tropical Storm Harvey has brought out the best in people.

A 'Cajun Navy' of volunteers descends on Port Arthur, Texas, to rescue people

They come in fishing boats, bayou boats, water ski boats--so many volunteers are setting out on Harvey rescues that there are traffic jams all over Texas.

Braving mud, debris and dread, Houston residents venture home to see what Harvey left behind

As the sun emerged in Houston following Tropical Storm Harvey, some residents were able to return to their homes to see what, if anything, was left.

Your guide to spotting 'fake news' about Harvey (hint: there's no shark on the highway)

There are some truly astonishing photos coming out of the flooding in Houston. But there are also some astonishingly fake ones.

UCLA fans can support Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts at season opener Sunday

UCLA fans will be able to support Tropical Storm Harvey relief efforts by making a financial gift to the American Red Cross via text message during the Bruins’ season opener.

The impact of Harvey's wrath, by the numbers

Since coming ashore last Friday, Hurricane Harvey has unleashed a wave of mayhem, death and destruction. Here’s some of what we know by the numbers.

'We're at God's mercy': Texas coast doused with new assault from Harvey's rain and winds

After moving into the Gulf of Mexico, Hurricane Harvey, now a tropical depression, returns to Texas and points East to drop more rain.

Catastrophic storms, once rare, are almost routine. Is climate change to blame?

Climate change won’t mean more storms overall — but it probably will mean that that biggest storms become even bigger, scientists say.

Harvey has knocked out a significant portion of the nation's oil refining capacity

The largest refinery in the U.S., on the Texas-Louisiana border, became the 12th refinery knocked out by Tropical Storm Harvey, making a significant dent in the nation's refining capacity

'A true testament to a mother's will' — saving her daughter, but not herself, from Harvey's floods

A child is found clinging to her mother's lifeless body in a raging canal in east Texas. "It's a true testament to a mother's will," a police officer says.

A 'crazy difficult' scene at the Houston convention center as thousands of flood victims jostle for shelter

When Louisiana could no longer support victims of Katrina, thousands resettled in Texas. How Hurricane Harvey has uprooted them again.

Texans-Cowboys exhibition game is canceled in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey

Thursday’s preseason football game between Houston and Dallas has been canceled so Texans players can return home to their families, and help with the relief effort following Hurricane Harvey

Like New Orleans after Katrina, Houston faces heartbreak, resilience and recovery following Harvey

Like New Orleans after Katrina, a mix of heartbreak, recovery and resilience await Houston following Harvey

Hurricane worries and unites players on U.S. national team

Hurricane on DaMarcus Beasley's mind as he prepares for World Cup qualifier

Here's what we know about Tropical Storm Harvey: Rain, flooding and people needing rescue

Key facts about the storm called Harvey that is inundating Texas.

As Harvey breaks rainfall record, Houston imposes a curfew and death toll climbs to 18

At least 18 people are dead and thousands are in shelters as Harvey slowly creeps toward Louisiana.

'Get out now!' Public warned as Harvey strains Houston's dams and levees

For the first time, the water level of Addicks Reservoir rose past the dam gates and began to gush into surrounding neighborhoods in northwestern Houston.

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A note to our readers: The Times has lifted its paywall on stories about Tropical Storm Harvey

The Los Angeles Times has lifted its paywall on coverage of tropical storm Harvey, which made landfall as a hurricane Friday.

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How Harvey is giving us a break from our pundit addiction

TV critic Lorraine Ali on coverage of the Houston hurricane and flooding disaster. At last, TV does what it's supposed to do, cover the news

A Houston family taking refuge on a roof watched as bodies floated by

A Houston mother is at a loss for words when her daughter spotted dead bodies in the floodwaters. "I couldn't explain it. I just started crying."

On the road in Texas, where all the roads look like rivers

It's hard to explain the stupefying vastness of the flooding in Texas, the nature of the calamity named Hurricane Harvey, until you actually try to drive somewhere in it.

How to help the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey

Where you can donate and how you can help the victims of Tropical Storm Harvey.

President Trump greeted with cheers and jeers in storm-ravaged Texas

Not everyone welcomed President Trump in storm-ravaged Texas. Latino protesters also greeted him in Corpus Christi.

What's the difference between 'looting' and 'finding'? 12 years after Katrina, Harvey sparks a new debate

A news anchor’s use of the word “looting” on Twitter to describe a scene in Houston’s floodwaters reminded many of a debate that raged during Hurricane Katrina.

Trump heads to Texas to witness destruction from Harvey as emergency teams race to rescue families

President Trump will head to Houston on Tuesday to see the unfolding devastation from Harvey

For years, engineers have warned that Houston was a flood disaster in the making. Why didn't somebody do something?

America's fourth-largest city lies on a flat Texas plain that is frequently inundated with water. A look at the engineering challenges in heading off a disaster such as Hurricane Harvey

PHOTOS: Addicks Reservoir in Houston overflows, flooding surrounding neighborhoods

Addicks Reservoir in Houston overflows, flooding surrounding neighborhoods

Trump visits Texas, hailing officials' Harvey response and promising 'costly' federal aid

President Trump arrives in Corpus Christi, the battered town near where Hurricane Harvey made landfall, becoming the second major natural event to strike in a week.

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After criticism, televangelist Joel Osteen denies closing Houston megachurch to people seeking shelter

Televangelist Joel Osteen says his Houston megachurch has “never” closed its doors to people seeking shelter as Harvey swamps the city.

Armed with a boat, a dump truck and a school bus, this volunteer crew rescued 14 flood victims

Crew of volunteer rescuers goes out and saves dozens of stranded Houstonians, using boats, dump trucks and a school bus

They were ordered not to evacuate. Now many families in Houston find themselves trapped in their homes

Many families who were not ordered to evacuate ahead of Hurricane Harvey find themselves trapped in their homes

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How Houston can prevent Harvey-like disasters in the future

Here’s what local leaders could have done to protect the region — and what they must do in the future.

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Hell and high water in Houston — a reason to set aside differences and unite to help

Partisan politics stop at the high water's edge.

At least nine people dead as Tropical Storm Harvey continues its rampage across Texas

Authorities in Houston expect 30,000 people to be housed in shelters as Tropical Storm Harvey continues to cause widespread flooding.

With the Brazos River headed for an off-the-charts flood, a Texas neighborhood is on the run

The Brazos River is about to crest at the highest levels ever recorded, as those in the surrounding communities rush to pack and get out of its way.

Red Cross braces for weeks of relief effort in the face of colossal storm disaster

In response to Hurricane Harvey, the Red Cross has launched one of its largest hurricane relief efforts in recent years.

Harvey causes airlines to delay or cancel more than 12,000 flights

Since Hurricane Harvey reached land in Texas, the ensuing flooding has forced the delay or cancellation of more than 10,000 flights across the U.S., mostly in hardest-hit Houston and nearby airports.

Why didn't Houston evacuate before Harvey? It's not that simple

As floodwaters rose, leaving residents trapped in second stories or waving sheets from rooftops, critics have questioned whether Houston-area officials were right not to evacuate.

Houston area bookstore opens its doors to Texans battered by Tropical Storm Harvey

The Texas bookstore Murder by the Book becomes a literal port in the storm for Houston residents in need of coffee and electrical charge after Hurricane Harvey.

Collapsed roofs and downed trees as Hurricane Harvey batters Texas coast

Hurricane Harvey reached land in southern Texas, unleashing torrential rain and damaging storm surges.

Southern California firefighters headed to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts

Southern California firefighers headed to Texas to help with Hurricane Harvey rescue efforts

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Fast-growing, slow-moving Hurricane Harvey takes aim at Texas' Gulf Coast, threatening up to 35 inches of rain

Hurricane Harvey could become the first storm of at least category 3 to hit the U.S. since 2005