In Irma's wake, a massive cleanup effort is complicated by fuel shortages and power outages

Hundreds of thousands in Florida are without power in the wake of Hurricane Irma. More than a dozen were killed in storm-related circumstances — in some cases during the cleanup efforts. Elsewhere, Irma was blamed for four deaths in South Carolina and two in Georgia. At least 37 people were killed in the Caribbean.

'There for you 100%,' Trump tells Floridians; elderly plight in spotlight after nursing home deaths

With widespread power outage still upending daily routine, Trump visits storm-hit Florida

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Eight dead at a Florida nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma

Eight residents of a Hollywood nursing home that lost power during Hurricane Irma died, authorities said Wednesday.

Paradise has seen better days. The Florida Keys are battered, if not entirely bowed

Now that Irma's devastating run through the Florida Keys is over, residents return to check the destructive storm's effects on their property.

An exasperating hunt for gasoline in Florida as Hurricane Irma's evacuees scramble to come home

Gas lines hours so long people sleep in their cars for hours, go prowling desperately for the next station, or follow people who seem to know where gas is. Power outages have created a fuel crisis.

These migrant workers earn $350 a week in the fields. Now Irma has destroyed their homes

This rural town is inhabited by hundreds of migrant farmworkers, and it was among the hardest hit when Hurricane Irma blew through. Few whose homes were destroyed have any idea what comes next.

Irma hits Jacksonville, Fla., with its worst flood in a century

Heavy flooding continues in Jacksonville, Fla., as Hurricane Irma's rains bring overflowing rivers and record storm surge.

Why didn't Hurricane Irma kill more Americans? Thank the meteorologists

Hurricane Irma was one of the fiercest storms to ever emerge out of the Atlantic Ocean. So why didn't it kill more people when it slammed into Florida?

Danger lingers in Florida as Irma moves into Georgia

Dodging floodwaters, Floridians begin cleaning up after Irma as Georgia, South Carolina lashed by rains

Hurricane Irma's calamitous sweep through Florida — and it's not over yet

As huge storm moves up Florida's west coast, watery misery in cross-peninsula Miami

A windy night among strangers — human, canine and otherwise — as Hurricane Irma blows through

It would be hard to imagine an odder assortment of bedfellows than those gathered in this sturdy hotel in Naples, its chief advantage being its availability as a refuge against Irma.

Tampa hasn't had a big hurricane in 96 years. That's about to change

It has been nearly a century since the Tampa Bay area was in the bull’s-eye of a major hurricane. That changed Sunday, when Hurricane Irma veered north.

The incredible stories of the die-hards who looked Irma in the face — and stayed

Officials warn of damage, at least one storm related death as Hurricane Irma blows through Florida Keys.

Storm surge: What happens when the sea rises up during a hurricane?

One of the biggest killers in a hurricane is the sudden rise in seas that accompany the storm's arrival. What's it like when this happens? Why is it so dangerous?

Hurricane Irma brings chaos to Florida: What we know so far

After blazing a path of destruction through the Caribbean, Hurricane Irma made landfall in Florida on Sunday, bringing chaos as it moved north through the nation’s third most populous state.

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Hurricane Irma live updates: Images of devastation emerge from Florida Keys as storm batters Georgia and South Carolina

Tropical Storm Irma has unleashed some of Jacksonville’s worst floods in 100 years, inundated parts of coastal Georgia and produced heavy storm surges in Charleston, S.C. Here's the latest: Irma has been downgraded to a tropical storm, but dangers linger for communities in its path The storm took a parting swipe at north Florida this morning before it started battering Georgia and South Carolina More than 155,000 people in Florida are still in shelters; more than 6 million Floridians lack power Irma has devastated several Caribbean islands What happens when the sea rises up during a hurricane?

Fires, droughts and hurricanes: What's the link between climate change and natural disasters?

Hurricanes, wildfires and other natural disasters seem to be getting more severe. Here's how they may be linked with climate change.

Cruise lines cancel sailings, send ships to help Caribbean islands hit hard by Hurricane Irma

Royal Caribbean International, Carnival Cruises and Norwegian Cruise Line are among the cruise lines that have started humanitarian aid in the wake of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma tops Havana's seawall, floods capital as Cuba sustains direct blow

Hurricane Irma ripped roofs off houses, collapsed buildings and flooded hundreds of miles of coastline as it raked Cuba after cutting a trail of destruction across the Caribbean.

Normally bustling Miami Beach turns into a ghost town after millions flee Hurricane Irma

After 5.4 million people in South Florida are told to evacuate, vibrant Miami eerily becomes a ghost town

First hurricane-force winds hit the Keys as Irma strengthens in trek toward west Florida

Hurricane Irma sends tropical storm force winds to South Florida as Florida Keys brace for a direct hit.

Hurricane Irma leaves Caribbean islands devastated

Relief efforts in the Caribbean islands hard hit by Irma this week continued Saturday even as Hurricane Jose, a Category 4 storm, dumped more rain on the beleaguered region. 

Police removing homeless from the streets of Miami as Hurricane Irma approaches

Miami police have made a decision to force homeless people off the streets for their own safety as Hurricane Irma approaches.

When Hurricane Irma veered toward Naples, Fla., it was too late to evacuate

Hurricane Irma's turn westward on its path to Florida left Naples vulnerable. With only one highway out of town, officials urged residents to head to emergency shelters.

Thinking of staying put in the path of Hurricane Irma? Think again

As Hurricane Irma barrels toward Florida, thousands of people will remain put. Here's why that's not a good idea.

Hurricane versus earthquake: A reporter contemplates natural disasters

Our reporters was headed to Florida to cover Hurricane Irma when an earthquake struck Mexico where he is based

After Irma, calls for help from the Caribbean: 'The island is debris, that's all it is'

Relief efforts get underway to help Caribbean islands ravaged by Irma

Patience in short supply as desperation sets in among South Florida residents still in Hurricane Irma's path

Residents of South Florida who have chosen to remain and ride out Hurricane Irma are struggling to find supplies and keep their cool.

Hurricane Irma back to a Category 5 storm as it sweeps into Cuba and continues a path toward Florida

Hurricane Irma continued its deadly sweep through the Caribbean on Friday morning, as residents of Florida remain on razor edge waiting to find out when it will hit.

The retiring Boeing 747 flying to Florida to help with Hurricane Irma evacuation

Delta Air Lines flies the 747 to Florida to evacuate people in the path of Hurricane Irma. The plane will soon retire.

Trump's Mar-a-Lago ordered to evacuate as Hurricane Irma takes aim at Florida

President Trump's Mar-a-Lago in Palm Beach, Fla., was ordered to evacuate Friday as Hurricane Irma draws a bead on South Florida.

Hurricane Irma: Disney, Universal, SeaWorld among Orlando tourism closings

Hurricane Irma has Walt Disney World, Universal Orlando and SeaWorld setting plans to close their parks as the storm passes through Central Florida

A look at the Caribbean islands Hurricane Irma is turning into a checkerboard of disaster

Hurricane Irma unleashed devastation across a swath of island nations. Where are they, and what happened?

Thousands of cruise ship passengers dropped off in Miami ahead of Hurricane Irma

Passengers on cruise ships who were dropped off in Miami Wednesday and Thursday are rushing to leave as Hurricane Irma approaches

As Irma approaches, some airlines cap fares and add seats

Several airlines have put a cap on economy seats for flights in and out of Florida. Experts say price gouging is not happening.

Some Miami residents stay put and brace for Hurricane Irma — including many who lack the money to flee

Residents of Miami Beach prepare for the arrival of Hurricane Irma. What do you do with a monkey?

Once there was an island known as Barbuda. After Hurricane Irma, much of it is gone

As Hurricane Irma slammed through the tiny island nation of Barbuda, its prime minister described the damage: "Barbuda is basically uninhabitable," he said. "Barbuda now is literally a rubble."

Miami under hurricane watch as ferocious Hurricane Irma bears down after killing 13 in Caribbean

On small, devastated Caribbean islands, "houses underwater, cars floating, people sitting in the dark."

Your cruise is canceled because of Hurricane Irma. Now what do you do?

The deadly and powerful Hurricane Irma has caused cruise lines to cancel trips, modify itineraries or cut short cruises. Here's what you need to know.

Deaths reported as Hurricane Irma rakes Caribbean, with Florida likely in crosshairs

Howling winds and torrential rains pummel small islands, with larger and more populated ones in Hurricane Irma's path

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How Hurricane Irma became the second-strongest Atlantic hurricane on record

As Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands brace for Hurricane Irma's wrath, it's been named as one of the most powerful storms recorded in the Atlantic. We break down what that means.

Airlines begin canceling flights in Hurricane Irma's path

Hurricane Irma's approach to the U.S. mainland has spurred airlines to cancel flights.

Dolphins-Buccaneers game postponed until Nov. 19 because of Hurricane Irma

The Miami Dolphins' season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers has been postponed until Nov. 19 because of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma called 'potentially catastrophic' as it bears down on the Caribbean and Florida

Less than two weeks after Hurricane Harvey devastated parts of Texas and Louisiana, another “potentially catastrophic” storm was bearing down on the Caribbean and could threaten Florida.

Dodgers' Enrique Hernandez worries about family in Puerto Rico because of Hurricane Irma

For the family and friends of Enrique Hernandez, life as they know it could soon be washed away.

NFL: Buccaneers-Dolphins game Week 1 won't be played in Miami this week because of Hurricane Irma

The Miami Dolphins' season opener against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers will not be played in Miami this week, but may be moved to a neutral site because of Hurricane Irma.

Hurricane Irma grows to Category 4 strength as it barrels toward Puerto Rico

Hurricane Irma, a Category 3 storm that grew stronger Monday and was forecast to begin buffeting the region the following day.