Obama's tax return by the numbers; he made less than last year

How much did the Obamas make last year? More than $477,000

The White House has released President Obama's 2014 federal income tax returns, which show a dip in his earnings.

The Obamas reported their lowest income in years, according to the documents made public Friday. The president and First Lady Michelle Obama filed their income tax returns jointly.

Here's what the pair's tax information looked like.

$477,383 -- The Obamas' adjusted gross income.

$93,362 --  Amount the couple paid in federal taxes.

$20,641 -- The Obamas' tax refund.

$22,640 -- The Obamas' state income tax, paid to Illinois.

19.6% -- The president’s effective federal income tax rate. 

14.8% -- Portion of the Obamas' adjusted gross income donated to charity. 

$400,000 -- Obama's salary as president.

$94,889 -- Amount made from the sale of Obama's best-selling books.

$51,167 -- How much Obama received from the publishing company Random House.

$43,722 -- Amount the president made from Dystel & Goderich Literary Management.

$481,098 -- The Obamas' adjusted gross income in 2013.

4 -- Days left before the deadline to file tax returns.

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