Not the 'gun show' Massachusetts police were expecting

Some baffled Massachusetts police witnessed an unexpected variety of "gun show" last Monday. 

Around 4 p.m., Northampton police responded to a call about someone with a gun, according to the police report, which described the incident this way:


When officers arrived at the apartment complex, they checked with people outside to see if anyone had been threatened, which they had not.

Police entered the residence of the allegedly armed man, where they found a heavily intoxicated man and woman.

Officers told the couple they were there because of a report of someone with a gun.

The man, according to the police report, "stated that he had no guns except his biceps, which he proceeded to flex."

A search of the apartment found no firearms.
Officers suspect that the woman's husband called in a false report because he did not like his wife hanging around the man. 
Det. Lt. Alan Borowski told that he had seen the man, 53, around town and that his guns were "all right. But he was probably bigger back in the day."

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