Scripps National Spelling Bee: What's a spellfie?

What's a spelling bee selfie called? A #spellfie.  I'll use that in a sentence.

"I took a #spellfie today of myself watching the Scripps National Spelling Bee."

The 2014 spelling bee ends Thursday night with championships that will be broadcast live on ESPN at 5 p.m. PDT. The annual event is known for its knee-buckling pressure on young participants, its sporadic humor, its nerds and, now, its spellfies. See a passel of those self-portraits below.

But first, consider this:

Among correctly spelled words, a Virginia eighth-grader spelled "tachytely" (faster-than-usual evolution); a Mississippi seventh-grader spelled "xerophthalmia" (a dry-eye condition); and a seventh-grader from New York spelled "induciae" (armistice).

Incredible. You have to wonder what the winning word will be. The only thing we know for sure: It won't be spellfie.