Reno shooting

Outside Renown Regional Medical Center in Reno after a gunman opened fire. (Matt Lush / December 17, 2013)

A gunman opened fire at a Reno hospital Tuesday afternoon, killing at least one person and critically wounding two others before apparently taking his own life, state emergency officials said.

Reno Deputy Police Chief Tom Robinson told reporters the gunman apparently shot himself.

The incident took place on the third floor of a medical building at Renown Regional Medical Center, Robinson said. He estimated that about 100 people were inside at the time.

"The building is secure and safe,"  he said.

The shooting was first reported at 2:05 p.m., Robinson said, and officers responded within three to five minutes and searched room by room. Authorities say the gunman is believed to have killed himself about 3 p.m.

Robinson had no preliminary details to release about the identity of the shooter or his victims, nor about a possible motive or the type of weapon used.

In a statement on its website, Renown Health, which operates the hospital, said the shooting happened at "a professional office building located on the northeast corner of the Renown Regional Medical Center campus."

One person was rushed to surgery, the Reno Gazette-Journal reported.

Daranda Cone of Reno told the Gazette-Journal she was at the hospital when the shooting happened.

"I saw this woman with blood all over her being rushed past me" to the emergency room, Cone told the newspaper.

Lesley Guerrero, 17, was at the hospital to visit her grandfather in the intensive-care unit and said she was outside when the hospital’s intercom announced a “code black.” From the top of a parking garage, as she watched SWAT team members huddle and enter the medical building where the shooting took place, she said she saw a “flustered” woman pull up in a car.

“She was looking down at the scene and talking on her phone … and I guess that was her building that the shooting was happening in, and she was very concerned about her employees,” Guerrero said. The woman rushed back inside the hospital, and when Guerrero came inside too, she passed three doctors huddled together, one of whom was crying.

“I wondered who got hurt, and it made me feel very concerned,” Guerrero said.

Sharon Spangler, a spokeswoman for the city of Reno, said the shooting occurred at the Center for Advanced Medicine, which is located on the medical center campus but is not affiliated with the hospital.

"They’re leased offices," she said. "They’re not part of the hospital."

Reno-area resident John Reid told the Gazette-Journal that he hurried to the hospital after his wife, Carlotta, who works in urology at the facility, called him crying after hearing shots fired.

"She was in pure panic," he told the newspaper.

Reid said his wife reported seeing the gunman walk past her. He said she was frantic and did not say definitively whether she saw the man fire any shots.

He told the paper that he eventually saw his wife near the shooting scene being escorted by Washoe County sheriff’s deputies.

Pictures broadcast on Reno television showed police SWAT team members going through the building. Video also showed officers running toward the building.