Las Vegas police arrest second suspect in the killing of Tammy Meyers

Las Vegas police announce a second arrest in the shooting death of Tammy Meyers

Las Vegas police on Friday arrested a second man in the shooting death of Tammy Meyers, the mother of four killed after an apparent road rage incident Feb. 12.

Derrick Andrews, 26, of Las Vegas was arrested on suspicion of murder with a deadly weapon, conspiracy to commit murder, attempted murder with a deadly weapon and discharging a firearm from a vehicle in a prohibited place, according to a release issued by the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department.

Andrews was arrested Friday without incident at his northwest Las Vegas home. Police believe he was driving the car involved in the shooting incident. 

Police did not immediately return a call requesting additional information.

Andrews and Erich Nowsch Jr., 19, are accused of killing Meyers, 44, in front of her home.

Nowsch, arrested Feb. 19, was charged with murder and firing a gun from a vehicle, as well as attempted murder on allegations that he shot at Meyers' 22-year-old son, Brandon. He has pleaded not guilty.

Meyers knew Nowsch, who lived a block from the family, and she provided food and money to him previously in an attempt to mentor the young man, police said.

Authorities say, Meyers was giving her teenage daughter a driving lesson when they got into a road rage incident involving a man in a silver car who threatened to kill the mother and daughter.

Meyers returned home, where she picked up her son, who was armed with a handgun, and the two went looking for the silver car, authorities said.

Meyers and her son found what they believed to be the same silver car and tailed it before they decided to return home, police said.

When they arrived, a car showed up at Meyers' house and its occupants began shooting, police said. Meyers was shot in the head.

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