Watch a video that shows a fireball engulf a Philly food truck

Surveillance video shows massive fireball engulfing a food truck in Philadelphia

New surveillance video shows a massive fireball engulfing a food truck and then shooting across the street in north Philadelphia on Tuesday. 

The fire department transported 13 injured people to the hospital and five of them were in critical condition, the fire department's Executive Chief Peter Crespo told the Los Angeles Times on Wednesday morning. The cause is still under investigation, he said. 

“I heard the boom first and then the fire just came out of nowhere,” Latoya Page told a local CBS affiliate. 

“I have first-degree burns on my whole left side,” she later told CBS outside the hospital.

The lunch truck exploded Tuesday afternoon in the Feltonville neighborhood on a street lined by houses and businesses.

“We got multiple calls for a bang that people said they heard, and then at the scene there were a number of people down," James Smith, acting spokesman for the Philadelphia Fire Department, told The Times on Tuesday.

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