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Gore Kills in Cannes

Former Vice President Al Gore, who arrived here for the Cannes International Film Festival promoting his new documentary on global warming called "An Inconvenient Truth," was asked at a press conference Saturday how he should be addressed.

"Your Adequacy," he deadpanned, causing the room filled with international entertainment reporters to erupt in laughter.

But he quickly got down to the topic of global warming, which he views as a looming disaster that could spell the end of human civilization.

"I put together a slide show many years ago (on global warming)...and I'm as surprised as anyone that that slide show is here at Cannes.

"The people who have seen this movie have reacted the same way (as those who saw the slide show). They have been moved by it. Even if they knew about the crisis before, they come out understanding it in a new way, and feeling a sense of urgency that many did not have previously.

"That is the same reaction that I have been receiving, it was a slide show, but the difference is I had been showing my slides to a couple hundred people at a time."

The movie will open next week in New York and Los Angeles before going wider.

Gore was joined at Cannes by the film's director, David Guggenheim and producers Lawrence Bender, Scott Burns, Leslie Chilcott and Laurie David.

When asked if he is considering another run for President, Gore replied: "I don't plan to be a candidate again for national office."

Gore said he had misgivings at first that his traveling slide show could be turned into a movie, but praised Guggenheim ("24" and "Alias") for accomplishing the feat.

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