Obama raises $45 million in February [Video]

President Obama's reelection effort added $45 million to its coffers in February, a boost in fundraising as the campaign builds up its national infrastructure.

The $45-million haul was raised jointly by the Democratic National Committee, Obama for America and two joint fundraising committees -- the Obama Victory Fund and the Swing State Victory Fund.

According to the campaign, 105,000 of the more than 1.5 million donors last month were giving for the first time. The average donation was $59.04, and 97.7% of donations were in increments of $250 or less.

Obama had raised $29.1 million in January, and $68 million in the fourth quarter of 2011.

The campaign announced the news Monday morning on Twitter, also sending out a video that shows state campaign directors from six states and the national youth vote coordinator discussing how those dollars were being immediately put to use. Examples included new field offices, voter registration efforts and student summits.

"So next time you're thinking about donating to support this organization, know that you're helping to build our campaign," the staffers said.

The average donation figure for February was more than double what it was in late 2011, representing the increasing number of high-dollars fundraising events the president has held of late.

In February alone, he held 15 fundraising events, including six in California mid-month. He has another on his schedule today in Washington.

The Republican National Committee pointed out that the $45-million joint fundraising tally from February 2012 was down from the $57 million Obama raised for his 2008 campaign, which the RNC said it saw as a sign he "is having a hard time convincing voters he deserves another term."

Then, Obama was still locked in a fierce battle with Hillary Clinton for the Democratic nomination, while today he runs unopposed. February 2008 included "Super Tuesday," with more than two dozen nominating contests.

The Obama campaign has, however, used its own scare tactics to reinvigorate its fundraising. One email appeal to supporters in March from campaign manager Jim Messina included this dire warning: "All you really need to know: According to a new poll, if the general election were held today, we would lose to Mitt Romney."

Romney raised more than $11 million in February, leading the GOP field.