Presidential debate 1996, Clinton, Dole

1996: Republican Bob Dole tried everything in his attempt to defeat Bill Clinton, a popular incumbent. Dole resigned from the Senate so he could run his campaign; he pointed out ethics problems in the Clinton administration; and he turned his trademark wit on the president, calling him "the great exaggerator." Dole also said: "... When it comes to bridges, I want a bridge to the future. I also want a bridge to the truth." What you might remember: Like Reagan in 1984, Dole was 73 years old during the election season. In the second debate, after Dole answered a question about his age, Clinton said: "I can only tell you that I don't think Sen. Dole is too old to be president. It's the age of his ideas that I question." What you might have forgotten: At the beginning of the first debate, Dole gave the nation a baseball playoff game score: "I thank you very much. ... Let me first give you a sports update. The Braves, one; the Cardinals, nothing, early on."
Mike Nelson / Associated Press
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