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Diana Nguyen Associate director of Declare Yourself, a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization founded by Norman Lear and dedicated to registering young voters. Your plans? The best party is the Manifest Hope party Monday night. (The Manifest Hope inaugural ball in D.C., co-sponsored by MoveOn.org, features performances by Santogold, Moby and De La Soul.). The party comes from the community with unknown artists working together. It's daunting to see how inspired they are by one person, one idea or one movement to create something so special. Declare Yourself is doing a big Inauguration Kick-Off Celebration fundraiser tonight, hosted by Jessica Alba, with Maroon 5 and DJ Samantha Ronson and Sekou (tha misfit). We'll be debuting an awesome song, "Born Again American" written by Keith Carradine, and asking everyone to sign a pledge to commit to renewing the country's promise. What is in your garment bag and suitcase? A blue silk taffeta J.Crew A-line party dress, Chanel camellia flower brooch, black Wolford tights and Loeffler Randall pumps for the swearing-in. J.Crew reminds me of the first lady. A black Temperley full-length crepe gown for the balls. A faux fur coat might be appropriate because it is so cold. Are you considering an updo? I think everyone will show up looking like we're in "Mad Men" — neat, well-kept and pulled together. The vibe right now is the new Kennedy era, new beginning and new hope. There's a really deep nostalgia. More: • They're first ladies of fashion too | Photos • The rules: What to wear to the unofficial inaugural balls • L.A. movers and shakers prep for Obama inauguration • A peek at the official 2009 Inaugural Ball sites • Obama Inauguration Events in L.A. • Is Washington the city that fashion forgot? • Lookback: Barack Obama went Hawaiian casual at Occidental College in L.A. • Michelle Obama's inaugural dress may set tone for her White House style • Obama memorabilia displayed in homes | Photos
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