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Donald Trump briefly cancels meeting with New York Times and complains about its 'nasty tone'

Donald Trump briefly canceled a meeting Tuesday with New York Times journalists, claiming that its terms were suddenly changed.

The charge was made in the obfuscatory style that has come to mark Trump's tweets. He said only that the terms of the meeting were changed, not who changed them; the paper said Trump, not anyone on its side, had requested new terms after the meeting was set. 

The meeting was supposed to have included both a private discussion, similar to one Trump had Monday with television news network executives, and a segment where reporters were free to quote Trump by name. The Times said Trump later asked for the meeting to be fully private, a request the newspaper refused. 

After the cancelation gained widespread attention, spokeswomen for both Trump and the newspaper said it was back on as scheduled.

Trump has done a handful of interviews since being elected, none with the Times, and has not held a news conference, as is customary for most presidents within a few days of their election.

He also said the paper's coverage of him had a "nasty tone," without citing specifics. Its front page Wednesday included stories questioning the constitutionality of his foreign business deals and one citing concerns that the military might have too much influence over foreign policy in a Trump administration.

7:25 a.m.: This story was updated with the scheduled meeting being reinstated.

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