Donald Trump heads to Toledo, Ohio. Hillary Clinton rallies in Orlando, Fla.

  • Trump faces his first questions over controversies involving his foundation and "birther" comments.
  • Despite concerns that stop-and-frisk policies are racially discriminatory, Trump wants to see the tactic expanded.
  • Clinton had nearly $20 million more cash on hand than Trump at the end of August.
  • Trump says black communities are in the worse shape "ever, ever, ever."
  • Trump's campaign tries to use gender to undercut Clinton's candidacy.
  • The two candidates' responses to the weekend's bombings show voters a stark difference in approaches to national security.

Donald Trump 'troubled' by Tulsa, Okla., shooting, questions actions of police officer: 'Was she choking?'

 (Evan Vucci / Associated Press)
(Evan Vucci / Associated Press)

Donald Trump said Wednesday that he was “very troubled” by footage of an unarmed black man being shot and killed police in Tulsa, Okla., last week, suggesting the female officer involved, Betty Shelby, may have been frightened and mishandled the situation.

Speaking to a gathering of pastors at a Cleveland church at an event that also featured boxing promoter Don King, the Republican presidential nominee said the victim, Terence Crutcher, appeared to be doing “everything you’re supposed to do” by complying with police orders.

“He looked like a really good man,” Trump said. “To me he looked like somebody that was doing what they were asking them to do.”

Now did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened? But maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can’t be doing what they’re doing. 

Donald Trump

Trump said maybe his perception was “a little clouded” because he also saw Crutcher’s family talking about him. But he said police officers are also troubled by incidents like this one.

“Now did she get scared? Was she choking? What happened?” he asked. “But maybe people like that, people that choke, people that do that, maybe they can’t be doing what they’re doing. OK?”

“We all respect our police greatly. And they will just have to get better and better and better,” he said.

Clinton addressed the incident Tuesday during an interview with Steve Harvey on his morning radio show.

"We have got to tackle systemic racism," Clinton said. "This horrible shooting again. How many times do we have to see this in our country?"

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