Biden deals with loss and a decision

Welcome to your trail guide for Thursday, July 9. Today our attention turns to some of the few politicians who aren’t running for president – at least not yet. Here’s a look at what we’re watching:

  • Vice President Joe Biden is due to speak to at an event hosted by Freedom to Marry, the leading gay marriage advocacy group. It’s a victory lap for both the group and Biden, who not only pushed President Obama to come out and express his personal support for gay marriage but also takes credit for the Supreme Court justice who made it happen. Our resident Biden expert, @mikememoli, has a smart look at Biden as he's relishing a legacy-making win, mourning an immeasurable loss and weighing his political future.
  • Sen. Elizabeth Warren, another influential noncandidate, is among a group of lawmakers speaking to the Alliance for Retired Americans in D.C. Warren will likely unleash some fury on GOP proposals to overhaul Medicare, while actual candidates and their campaigns take notes about how to mobilize older voters. Sen. Bernie Sanders will also address the group. 
  • Jeb Bush is hosting a town hall in Hudson, New Hampshire, before heading to Kennebunkport, ME for fundraising.
  • Hillary Rodham Clinton is facing criticism for saying she’d never received a subpoena for her emails, part of a test exchange during her first major TV interview. It took less than 24 hours for the GOP lawmakers to show otherwise. Rep. Trey Gowdy, (R-S.C.) posted the document, part of the congressional investigation into the attack on the U.S. consulate in Benghazi, Libya, here.

California lawmakers condemn Trump

“The state of California will not stand for this type of racist rhetoric and racist behavior “Today we stand and call upon the state of California to dump Trump.”
Sen. Isadore Hall III (D-Compton

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Trump a frontrunner in some polls

Trump now leads the GOP pack in the YouGov survey, with 15% calling him their preferred candidate and an additional 12% listing him as their second choice.

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GOP tries to rein in Trump

((Seth Wenig / Associated Press))

From @kurtisalee's look at Republicans' latest attempt to contain the Donald. Not surprisingly, Trump suggests it won't be easy.

"So many people want me to run as an independent, so many people," he said in an interview with the Washington Post "everybody wants me to do it." He added that the "best chance of defeating the Democrats" would be if he were the GOP nominee.

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'Longer hours' may have a long life

The Bush campaign is working hard to try to keep his 'longer hours' comment from sticking. In today climate, that's no small challenge. Here's my look at the gaffe that doesn't go away:

"The 'longer hours' remark seems quickly destined to take its place in the annals of campaign gaffes that haunt candidates for some time. It has all the required elements: It sounds terrible. It's caught on video. The context requires multiple sentences of explanation, maybe even some economic policy jargon. And, most important, it reinforces a theme opponents already are pushing."

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Bush and allies raise $114 million

Jeb Bush takes the lead in the money race. Joe Tanfani reports: "As expected, the first numbers put Bush far ahead in the soft-money race. Committees supporting Florida Sen. Marco Rubio say they have raised about $32 million. Supporters of Texas Sen. Ted Cruz say they've raised about $38 million."

"On the Democratic side, Hillary Rodham Clinton's campaign said it was on track to raise about $45 million, without super-PAC totals."

(Jim Cole/AP)

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