Hundreds of jobs are coming to the City of Wyoming.  Tuesday morning,, Inc. was approved for incentives to invest in a call center near Eastern Avenue and 44th Street.

The MEGA (Michigan Economic Growth Authority) Board in Lansing approved the tax incentives.  MEGA says around 562 jobs will be created for booking travel services which include airline tickets, hotel rooms, car rentals and vacation packages.

"They are entry level jobs however the hourly wage is from $11 to $14 dollars an hour [with] the opportunity for benefits, bonuses,” Site Director, Cindy Elenbaas said.  

The contact call center in Wyoming is one of five globally, and the largest 24/7 operation.  Elenbaas says the company is looking for people who are customer service oriented with a high school diploma.   She also says if applicants can speak more than one language, it is a plus.

"It's a very respectful environment, it is very open, it's a learning opportunity for us to all learn about different people, different backgrounds, belief systems,” Elenbaas said.  “It's a very positive upbeat environment."

And the new opportunities aren't only a plus for job seekers but also for small businesses like New Beginnings Restaurant just across the street.  The restaurant has felt the effects of cutbacks over the years at Steelcase, as well as the continued effects of a tough economy.

"I noticed a big drop last year in the fall, around the holidays, like Thanksgiving and then into Christmas," waitress, Cayla Hamilton said.

Management is hoping that with the new employees close by, lunch and breakfast hours will once again see a surge in sales.

"We're excited about it," Hamilton said.

As for Priceline, Elenbaas says she's looking forward to the hiring process and tapping into the talent in the company's backyard.

"We were very excited about the work ethic here in West Michigan, the availability of educated and multilingual speakers,” Elenbaas said.  “We have a very diverse population that we'd like to take advantage of."

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