Wichita police arrest a man who was reported as acting suspiciously near Gordon Parks Academy Thursday morning.

Police say a girl was walking to school when she was approached by a man who asked her if she wanted a ride.  She declined, but the man got upset and chased after her for a short time, then got back into his vehicle and shouted some things at her before taking off.

The student reported the situation and police located the man's vehicle a short time later.

He was taken to the Exploited and Missing Child Unit for questioning. 

The 34-year-old man was arrested because he had an outstanding traffic warrant. 

No word on whether he will face charges in connection with Thursday's case.  Police are awaiting a report from EMCU.

The school sent a letter home to parents about the incident. In the note they ask for people to be aware of any suspicious person driving that type of vehicle.

They also encourage students to walk with a friend if possible and review the rules of "stranger danger."