A Wichita student faces possible expulsion for putting hand sanitizer in a teacher's drink.

Wichita Schools Spokesperson Susan Arensman says the incident happened last week at Gordon Parks Academy. But the principal didn't know who did it until another student came forward with information on Monday.

"The teacher took a drink, realized it tasted funny and it smelled funny, so she reported it to the principal," Arensman said.

That teacher later threw up from the hand sanitizer, but is okay and returned to work the next day.

When questioned by police, the 14-year old said it was a prank and did not intend to hurt the teacher. The student faces a charge of battery of a school employee and a district investigation, which could lead to his expulsion.

"If there is something that happens to a teacher and obviously making them ill, that is something very serious," Arensman said. "We don't tolerate that behavior and we investigate and we contact police if necessary."

The student is on suspension until the school's investigation is complete.

Student accused of putting hand sanitizer in teacher's drink.