Wichita School Superintendent John Allison says that "no one is going to be happy" with the final "supposal" for new school boundaries. During a media briefing Friday, Allison stated that his goal is to make the process positive and something people can live with.

Consultants hired by the district presented their final "supposals" for school boundary changes Thursday.  They call them “supposals” because they are not final. There will be several public hearings before the school board makes a final decision on boundary changes next month.

Below is a look at where the "supposals" stand right now.

Elementary Schools:

Closing Lincoln, Mueller Magnet and Bryant Core Knowledge Magnet schools. Woodland Elementary would stay open but in its place, Emerson Open Magnet would be shuttered.

High Schools:

Students from Northeast Magnet will go to the new school under construction in Bel Aire. That school will open as a "pure" magnet school and not a traditional, neighborhood high school.

Opening the school as a magnet will save the district millions of dollars because it would just transfer the operating costs of one building to another - rather than create new costs.

Middle Schools:

All middle schools would remain open. All but one will stay "pure" magnet schools, which means you must apply to be able to attend.  Gordon Parks Academy will remain a "neighborhood" magnet, meaning anyone living in the area can attend that school.

The possibility that some elementary schools will close upset many parents.  Emerson parent Charity Chapman says she doesn't want to send her kids anywhere else.

"We'll cause a fuss," Chapman says.  "If we go down, we go down fighting, but I don't want that to happen."

Meanwhile, Woodland parent  Brandy Pierce is celebrating.  "I'm loving it!" she says.  "We like our school.  We had troubles with other schools but this one, we're not having any troubles."

If you want to weigh in on the district's plan for boundary changes, the public hearings start in January.  Each meeting is from 6:30 until eight o'clock.

  • January 11 - West High School
  • January 12 - Brooks Tech & Arts Magnet
  • January 18 - North High School
  • January 19 - Curtis Middle School


Latest school boundary "supposal" has some cheering, while others are groaning