TLC's"Extreme Couponing"shows extreme savings and extreme stockpiles. 

Some couponers get out of the store paying only tax.  One couponer brags about having more than 400 rolls of paper towels in her house. 

Like the show, local couponer Ashlea Konecny has a big stockpile.  Her kitchen pantry is full, so are two closets.  Konecny also saves a lot of money, but she says the shopping trips we see on TV are made for TV.

"They're going in and they're buying hundreds of one item that are free or a money maker that gives you overage," she says.  "And they're buying just a few of the things that are more expensive, so that their total can go down, down, down, when really they're buying a hundred packages of something that's free to make it look better for TV."

Konecny shares her secrets of shopping on her blog "Deal Detecting Diva."  She teaches others to shop with coupons.  She worries the show teaches fraudulant couponing saying, "there are ways to use coupons incorrectly."

The Derby mom focuses on her stockpile while shopping. "That's the whole point of couponing is to buy things when you don't need them, so that when you do, you don't have to pay full price."

She also focuses on the checkout. "Usually I shoot for anywhere above 75% and I'm happy," she says.

Konecny doesn't like to be compared to the shoppers on Extreme Couponing, but like those we see on TV, she does like the rush.  "I love the feeling of getting up to the register, having a $200 balance and having it go down to 20 bucks."