Charles "Ebony" Simon has been a lot a lot of places and has seen a lot of things. And his drums have been right there with him.

It all started when he decided he wanted to be part of a friends band back in the 50's.

"I couldn't play anything, I couldn't do anything musically. I had taken piano lesson and even clarinet at one time and it just didn't click."

Until he found the Congas. Those drums took him to college and eventually Las Vegas in 1967.

"I put together this great bunch of musicians and we started making music and we called it The Ebony Express."

He has albums full of pictures and fliers from those days, as well as the six years he spent with his second band, called Skurow.

Ebony moved back to Wichita in 1980 and he says it's hard to sum up his surprise when he received a phone call telling him he's being inducted in the Las Vegas Rock Reunion Hall of Fame for both of his bands.

"Kenny Rogers and Elvis Presley and BB King, and people like that, are in there and now I'm included in that as well. That's quite an honor."

He wasn't able to attend the ceremony because of health issues, but the honor has brought on a lot of reminiscing and a renewed love for his passion.

"It's made me want to play again."

And at 70 years-old, that's just what he hopes to do.