Dan Neil: Rumble Seat

  • Achtung, Bel-Air

    Think luxurious. Think flash. OK, even hybrid. The Germans are. (Think about that, L.A.)

  • BMW's bigger, better Rolls

    Not since torch-wielding peasants chased Frankenstein's monster through the town square has such a noble spirit been so mercilessly taunted. One critic compared the new $320,000 Rolls-Royce Phantom to a coffin maker's "Executive Slumber Series"; another called it the world's most majestic air conditioner....

  • E55 AMG: Twist and shout

    Plenty of pound-feet -- that's torque -- help make the ultra-performance version of Mercedes' E-Class one of the best cars in the world, if not the best.

  • Caught up in the Crossfire

    A lighted fuse of polished elegance and high ambition, Chrysler's latest riff on the history of car design is bound to hold up well over time.

  • Toyota's spark of genius

    If you ever despair that the U.S. auto industry is whirling, slowly but with gathering momentum, down the tubes of history, the second-generation Toyota Prius will give you no comfort.

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