There are some new developments in a fatal crash that took place on July, 9 2010. A man charged with three counts of intoxication manslaughter for killing three teenagers reportedly fled the country to Nepal. On Friday, Jan. 21, family members gathered at the accident scene to voice their concerns about what happened.

A fourth teen, Bennisha Davis, was involved in the accident and survived. But a month later committed suicide following the death of her friends. Now, the victims' families want justice.

"They were coming back from a pool party, and they're on their way home," recalled Toshiya Turner, who's the mother of Detrihanna Davis, at the accident scene. "And this guy, he ran the [red] light and hit them. And ejected two of the girls [from the vehicle]. Two of the girls died on the scene, and my daughter died six hours later at the hospital."

Turner's daughter, Detrihanna Davis, was only 13-years-old. Avianca Cortez and RaShaunda Raleigh, also 13, were inside the Ford Expedition with her. According to police, Sajan Timalshina is the one who ran the red light during the morning hours of July 9, 2010. The SUV was heading East bound before it was hit, which wound up hitting a utility pole.

"We know this man was driving drunk on that fateful night. Unfortunately, the police department decided to let him go. HPD [Houston Police Department] dropped the ball. HPD made a mistake. This man flunked a field sobriety test," said Quanell X, a community activist, during a press conference.

Numerous reports said that Timalshina fled the country possibly to Nepal before police could arrest him.

"Nobody from this quote-on-quote team of law enforcement officers have informed these mothers of what's going on," said Quanell X. "His actions subsequently caused another young child to commit suicide because she could not see going on without her sister and her best friends."

"I just want them [police] to catch the guy [and] bring him to justice because I don't feel that he ever should have been released," said Turner.

"Someone knows where he is. Someone knows where he hangs out," said Quanell X.

"Does he really think that, you know, that he should just be free to live his life - the rest of his life - the way he wants? You took three lives," said Turner.

"Can you all please turn him in? We're suffering a lot without getting any justice," said Katty Alaniz, who's the mother of Avianca Cortez. "We need justice done on this man that killed our children."

As the families move forward during this very difficult time, so many questions are still unanswered. Right now investigators are still searching for the man responsible for causing so much pain.