Jazz & Heritage Fest is in full swing. The weather was kind to the large crowd of participants who gathered at the fair grounds for the second day of the festival.

Jazz Fest is a fun time all on it's on. Factor in the big boost it brings to dozens of small businesses and it's no wonder why it's a reason to celebrate.

Just ask Vance Vaucresson. He's a third generation sausage maker. His family's business has been part of Jazz Fest since the beginning.

"We offer Creole Hot Sausage, Crawfish Sausage, we also do Chicken Sausage, and Pickled Pork," Vaucresson said. "We do a lot of things made in the Creole Culture and tradition."

And people love it.

"It's fantastic, you don't find these sausages in Canada," said tourist Gary Smith.

Vaucresson says he does a big business at Jazz Fest. Hand-made silver jewelry maker Shakir Shareef does too. He says he does so well at the annual festival, that it is his number one money maker.

"It makes my year sir," Shareef said. " It's my first show of the year and it makes my year, its my spring board, it makes it happen for the rest of the year."

They are two small business owners, with one big reason to celebrate Jazz Fest.