Nashville Police Chief is now New Orleans Police Superintendent.

Mayor Mitch Landrieu today named Ronal Serpas to head the dysfunctional department.

Serpas was a no show. He's in Nashville dealing with the flooding problems there.

Serpas is a New Orleans native and former member of the New Orleans Police Department. He rose to number two in the department under then Police Superintendent Richard Pennington.

Danatus King of the New Orleans Branch N double A C P left believes the process wasn't transparent.

He says at the one public meeting he attended at the Superdome, it was clear the public wanted a fresh face.

In a phone interview Serpas downplayed the argument saying many of the officers he served with are no longer on the force.

King said he's received a number of calls from officers black and white who don't like the pick either.

He added, it's the Mayor's choice.