Locals, tourists, the young, and the older have taken over City Park, and the madness is just getting started. ABC26 News Reporter Vanessa Bolano takes us to Voodoo Fest.

It's a festival where music and people from all walks of life, and all mental states are accepted. Voodoo Fest is back in City Park and for many Saturday is their second dose of this all day party.

Laura Brunies of New Orleans says, "I had to pick three costumes since I'm out here all three days. I wanted something comfortable and easy, that I could do a little bit of makeup and I've always loved vampires."

Kaleb Mixon drove in from Baton Rouge. He is one of the many who has made the trip to Voodoo Fest more than once.

"The last couple of years I really enjoyed, especially the year with Rage and Smashing Pumpkins, but so far this is great."

The festival has become a yearly event for Jeff Sirninger who decided to wear his Krewe of Chaos head piece.

"This is my favorite. I like it better than Jazz Fest, you know, it's more personal, people a little more eclectic and Halloween, you can't beat Halloween in New Orleans, that's for sure."

Voodoo Fest always lands near Halloween, but this year it actually culminates on Halloween.

Also in attendance are two ROTC students. They enjoyed a day at Voodoo while promoting the Army.

Chris Bournes says, "Were doing a recruiting event earlier, so of course were going to wear our uniforms, but after I'm going to change to my civilian clothes and enjoy the festival like everyone else."

The act that most people here say they'll be sticking around for is Ozzy Osborne; he takes the Voodoo stage Saturday at 9pm.