While Missouri is still reeling from a number of natural disasters, the state of Alabama is also recovering from tornado damage that hit in April.  That's why some local college students are asking people to lace up their running shoes to help Tuscaloosa. 

A little over a dozen University of Alabama students who are originally from the metro,  are putting together a 5K run to raise money for the city that lost dozens of its residents in the April tornado.   

These students who survived the storm that night say they want to help their "adopted home" by donating all the proceeds to the "UA Acts of Kindness Fund"- which helps staff and students from the university.   

"As of right now, they're accepting all requests, and so we're hoping to keep that going as the rebuilding process continues," says race organizer, Lindsey Green. 

The race is in Roe Park on July 24th.  Anyone from casual walkers to serious runners are welcome to join.