Appalachian Power is mobilizing hundreds of extra workers ahead of Sunday's storm.

The company says it does expect outages with this storm, and it's bringing in about 350 workers and to help restore service. Those workers are being placed in areas the company believes are most likely to experience outages. In Virginia, those towns include Claypool Hill, Norton, Glade Spring and Wytheville.

Appalachian Power reminds folks to be prepared. Since this will be our first measurable snowstorm for many areas, Appalachian Power wants folks to be prepared in case of any power outages over the next few days.

The company recommends having an emergency kit in your home and vehicle.

Be sure to stock up on flashlights, batteries, candles, blankets, bottled water, and food that doesn't need to be heated.

Also, make sure that your cell phone is fully charged, and if your hometown experiences an outage, check on any elderly neighbors near you to see if they need help.