This year's presidential election is very heated and it's bringing out strong emotions. Some aren't hiding their opinions.

A Craig County man has a display at his house that may be considered racist.  It's a statue of a monkey dressed as President Barack Obama.

"He's got a Obama's face on him and Obama t-shirt on him and hopefully he's making a statement that this man is not right for the country," says Curtis Caldwell, "... he's monkeying with the country, he's monkeying with the economy." 

Caldwell says the monkey statue is not meant to be racist.

"Black people who know me know I'm not that," says Caldwell.

Caldwell says the monkey is a souvenir from Florida and was the best prop for the display. But he realizes there could be a lot of negative even hateful comments after people see WDBJ7's story.

"It's okay I don't care," says Caldwell.

Caldwell is a Vietnam War veteran and doesn't like the way President Obama has handled the military.  He hopes his display will encourage people to vote Republican.

"I'm trying to make people aware get rid of this president," says Caldwell.

WDBJ7 asked Caldwell what he would do if the President wins in November.

"If he's re-elected I will turn the American flag upside down for all four years," says Caldwell.

Virginia man says monkey statue dressed as President Obama is not racist