If you've spent the day on the couch considering your New Year's resolution to get up and move, you missed out on a great opportunity.

State parks around the country, for a second year, held First Day Hikes.

On Tuesday, hikers at Douthat State Park in Bath County not only got fresh air and exercise, but some education as well.

A couple of dozen people followed the Tobacco House Ridge Trail in Douthat State Park, one of the Virginia parks ringing in the New Year with a First Day Hike.

"It will eventually die fall over, hit hikers, you know how it goes," said Roger Baroody, 

All kidding aside, that's master naturalist Roger Baroody of Convington.

Along the way on this easy mile-long trek he helped guests  identify trees. Not an easy task this time of year.

"The first of January there's really not much to see, so you have to make it up as you go along.  The trees; there's no leaves on them. How do you identify a tree.  Well the bark helps, you've got to look at the twig engs, but the twig ends are 40 feet up in the air," said Baroody.

The group today included two families from Atlanta headed to West Virginia to ski.

And Edward Anderson totting a little extra weight.

"This is our 4 month old baby boy, Asher," said Anderson.

And like any good son-in-law, he's out here because his mother-in-law suggested it.

"I love to hike. It's my passion unfortunately to everybodies demise.  I adore being outdoors," said Anderson.

People participating in this and other First Day Hikes in Virginia and across the country have different reasons for spending their New Year's Day out and about.

Health, curiosity, or simply starting a new, good habit.

"I think it's wonderful. It's a great idea. It does get people out who never come out. We had maybe 5 or 6 who don't hike," said Sharon Getman.

A great way to kick off another 365, to meet new people and to discover what state parks and other natural areas have to offer.

All of Virginia's 35 state parks had either guided or self-guided First Day Hikes on Tuesday.