Thursday, Ana Santiago, a native Spanish speaker, showed her English speaking friends how to bargain.

"We're mostly making a traditional Mexican or Hispanic culture Market," Santiago said.

Martinsville High School called Thursday, Dia de Mercado, or Market Day, to help all students interact socially using only Spanish.

More than 300 students in the foreign language department went to the market, pretend of course, to buy, sell and trade food and goods talking in Spanish and using pretend dineros.

It's not only helping students broaden their language skills, it's helping students outside the classroom.

"It will help me communicate with other people especially once I become a doctor because that's what I want to do," said Molly Roberston, a sophomore Spanish student.

More students are looking to learn a foreign language at Martinsville High School.

Teachers have noticed a small increase in students over the years.

The Hispanic population in Virginia is growing too.

The proof is in the census. From 2000 to 2010 it's grown more than 91 percent.

"Even just at restaurants and things they're like, I talked to them in Spanish, and they get so excited about it. They can also, they can use it in their jobs, they can use it depending where they go. You never know. That's the thing I try to tell them. You don't know where you're going to end up," said Jessica Anderson, a Spanish teacher at Martinsville High School.

Martinsville Schools have links to translate its website into other languages.

Schools in Henry County have classes to help native Spanish speakers learn English.