If the train tracks could talk, they'd tell days worth of stories about Pittsylvania County's transportation mecca.

Glenn Giles, a historian and a Pittsylvania Historical Society board member, knows their history.

"A model train diorama depicting the town of Chatham in 1930," Giles said. "The line was built in 1874."

Though the train tracks at the old station are mostly silent now, a much welcomed sight will get the building bustling once again.

"We'll be moving all of the current resources that are at located in the county's main public library in here," Giles said.

This is the newest addition to the county's library, complete with a museum featuring former

First Lady Rachel Jackson, who's from the area, a history of the tobacco industry and a salute to Pittsylvania County veterans.

It's also the regional center for ancestry research soon adding family information from Henry County and Danville.

One could say this is a one-stop-shop for Pittsylvania County history and genealogy with three databases and bookcases full of information to search ancestors.

"Citizens and vistors can come in and do research," Giles said.

The station opened in 1918 and closed in the 70's greeting some of the nation's elite like Eleanor Roosevelt and Josephine Ford, granddaughter of Henry Ford.

After a million dollar renovation this old train station has a new identity.

"It's something that we've been working on one way or the other for 14 years," Giles said.

The next stop is the grand opening in April.