UPDATED: 2/4/12

Ravens' fans weren't the only ones rejoicing after the big game.

A Roanoke County congregation is also reaping the benefits of the "Souper Bowl."

But, this "Souper Bowl" was a challenge to collect food and money for the area's hungry.

Sunday, we told you how the kids at St. Philip Lutheran Church had a goal of more than 700-cans.

863-food items were collected, along with more than 2-thousand dollars - surpassing the group's objective.




At St. Philip Lutheran Church in Roanoke County, this Sunday is about more than football.

"The goal is to make a connection between the incredible amount of food consumption on Super Bowl Sunday that will happen this evening with Super Bowl parties and the incredible number of hungry people in our community," explains Pastor Kelly Derrick of St. Philip Lutheran Church.

It's a charge which has been taken up by the congregation's kids.

"We're collecting cans for the hungry and stuff and making pyramids out of them," says Alen Britt.

"We should have enough cans to build two 10x10 pyramids of just cans," says Nathan Seifert.

"The Souper Bowl of Caring" is a national initiative started more than 20-years ago.
The kids here joined the challenge to help the area's hungry about 7-years ago.
Their goal-  to collect at least 777-cans of food.

A benchmark the congregation is helping them meet.

"It feels like everyone knows they need to do something - and it makes you feel good that you're getting the message out that people also need food," says Britt.

And a lesson these kids will take with them into adulthood.

"It's a good feeling. It's a great feeling because you feel deep down inside - I just saved a life today," says Tyler Derrick.

The church will take the canned food to St. Mark's Lutheran Church food pantry in downtown Roanoke.   

Some members of the congregation also donated money, those donations will go to Feeding America Southwest Virginia.