No matter their past, their present is the same.

"I came out with the hope of finding a stable job," says former Army soldier Nathaniel Cabiness.

"Just seeing what type of opportunities there are," says former Air Force Latoya Berger.

"I'm getting ready to retire, so I just wanted to see how the job market was and see what was out there," says Army Sgt 1st Class Jason Belcher.

Current and former military came out to see what their futures could hold.

"My husband was laid off. It's been very hard to find a job," explains former Army wife Ashley Mundy.

Mundy and her husband, Dewayne visited the Veteran's Only Job Fair hoping his service to our country could pay off with a new opportunity.

"My husband has a lot of skill qualification, so I'm hoping that is a good thing," says Mundy.

And, organizers say it is.
The 32 companies that are here, are a few less than last year, but they all appreciate a vet's skill-set. 

"Veteran are normally very dependable, hardworking, they've already been in our military so they're probably the most dependable people in the field looking for jobs." says
Joe Bassett, General Manager with Advanced Auto Parts.

Harry White with the Virginia Employment Commission agrees, "Veterans are highly qualified, disciplined, there's a lot of things that they bring to the table and employers know that. We're specifically targeting that because we want no unemployed veterans."

This is the second year for this event.
Last year, more than 500-veterans came out looking for a new job.
This year, roughly 340 showed up.
Organizers hope that means more former military are in the job force and not the victims of a struggling economy.

But, for those like Sergeant First Class Jason Belcher, who's about to retire after nearly 20-years in the Army -and rejoin civilian life, he has no doubt about his future.

Says Belcher, "I'm very hopeful. I know I'm going to find a job."