Some teenagers have turned off their phones and turned up the radio dial.

They're trying to win a nationwide school club round-up contest at William Byrd High School.

"Competitive," says student Megan Shell, "We're all out to get each other."

So far during the week long contest the school's ham radio club has made contact with 400 people.  The contacts spans 45 states and several countries.

On Thursday they spoke to people in countries like Venezuela and the Netherlands.

"There's mostly like older folks like getting to talk to them and knowing their history about what they've done in their life is pretty cool," says student Morgan Davis.

Phil Roark helps with the ham radio club.  He says the students have fun and also learn a few things like geography and math.

"We do math a lot trying to figure out how the score works," says Roark, "We do a little bit of physics based on radio antenna design."

Some students plan to keep using amateur radios after graduation.

"When I get out of high school I wanna be able to talk to people on my own," says Davis.

Right now all their attention is on the radio and winning the school club round-up which is held February and October

William Byrd High School won the contest last fall. It has 6 wins in the last 10 years.