Pumpkins come in every size, shape and color. There are traditional orange pumpkins and then you have blue ones, large white pumpkins, pumpkins covered in warts or how about peanuts.  

Joe's Trees in Craig County has all of those varieties.

"We have about two and a half acres of pumpkins," says owner Sue Bostic.

Joe's Trees is famous for its Christmas trees. Now the owner is branching out.

Over the last several years about the same time the economy started going down the weather was bad during November and December so we saw a slight 2 to 3% drop in sales," says Bostic.

Bostic added pumpkins last year. She wasn't sure if the fall favorite would sell.

"It was very successful last year with one acre of pumpkins that we planted so we decided to double that and see how it goes this year."

Bostic doesn't have to worry about the harvest. This year's pumpkins look good.

"Considering the drought in the summer it turned out to be a great year. Southwest Virginia just tends to grow very nice pumpkins."

These pumpkins will be on sale starting this weekend at Joe's Trees.

Bostic has also added new restrooms at Joe's Trees.  That means no more port-o-potties.