Before leaving Blacksburg, Vice President Joe Biden visited the Virginia Tech memorial to the victims of the April 16, 2007 shootings.

Biden walked alone around the semi-circle in front of Burrus Hall, stopping to take a closer look at some of the stones honoring each of the 32 victims.

In brief comments to reporters, Biden said the memorial is a reminder of how precious life is.

"I think of those kids, but I also think of their parents. No child should predecease their parents."

"I remember what it's like," the Vice President said."  In 1972, Biden's wife and young daughter were killed in an automobile accident.

"It brings back memories you know," Biden said, "that call out of the blue you get. How could this happen?"


Vice President Joe Biden has wrapped up his two-day campaign swing through southern and southwestern Virginia.

Biden addressed a crowd estimated at more than 600 at McComas Hall on the Virginia Tech campus Wednesday afternoon.  Biden told the crowd "the choice we face in this Presidential election is the starkest choice many people in this room have faced in their lifetime."

Biden said both Mitt Romney and Paul Ryan are "decent men," but he told the crowd "we just have a fundamentally different view." He then highlighted differences on a variety of issues including Medicare, economic recovery and tax policy.

Earlier Wednesday morning, Biden made an unannounced stop at the River City Grill in Radford.  He spoke with customers inside the restaurant and later with people on the street.

Biden also lingered after his Blacksburg speech, shaking hands and taking pictures in the gymnasium where the event was staged. Biden was scheduled to  return to Washington after his appearance at Virginia Tech.


Vice President Joe Biden is continuing his two-day swing through southern and southwestern Virginia with a stop in Blacksburg on Wednesday. 

Wednesday's event is at McComas Hall on the Virginia Tech campus.

This is Biden's third major stop event since he arrived in the state Tuesday evening. 

He was in Danville and Wytheville Tuesday and now he is at Virginia Tech. 

We haven't gotten a preview of the remarks he's going to make this afternoon. 

But we expect him top stress familiar themes including the threat the Romney/Ryan ticket poses to Medicare and the suggestion that Mitt Romney cares more about wealthy Americans than the middle class. 

Earlier Wednesday we also heard some counter points from the GOP.

State Senator Ralph Smith chatted with local Republicans in Blacksburg on Wednesday morning. 

He said he's not concerned about the impact of Biden's visit to the area.  

"Well I'm not sure he knows what state he is in today but I know the more time Joe Biden spends in southwest Virginia the more we'll learn about them, said Smith, who represents the 19th District. "And it will be to our advantage and we look foreword to victory on election day in November." 

The Vice President also made a number of unscheduled stops, including visits to Patrick County and Floyd County.

He made another stop Wednesday morning in the New River Valley.

Details of that event and highlights from his visit to Virginia Tech later on WDBJ7.


Vice President Joe Biden will be in Blacksburg Wednesday.

He'll be speaking at an event at McComas Hall on the Virginia Tech campus at noon.

If you wanted to go see him speak, you needed to have picked up your tickets over the weekend.

The Vice President stopped in Danville, Floyd, and Wytheville on Tuesday.