Where the sidewalk ends, walk at your own risk in South Boston

Justin Ward

WDBJ7 Reporter

10:32 AM PST, February 7, 2013



If the weather's clear, most likely you'll see Breedlove Ford on Main Street in South Boston.

"I walk and I also live on North Main Street," Ford said.

Walking is his way of getting healthy.

"A lot of people walk back and forth and you got walkers and as far as the sidewalk itself it ends up near Hamilton," Ford said.

He's passed people on the road, either walking up the street to Halifax County High School or walking to shopping centers nearby.

But the narrow roads and lack of sidewalk beyond the intersection of Hamilton Boulevard and North Main Street can get dangerous.

"If you're trying to get exercise you have to walk along the shoulder," Ford said.

"That sounds dangerous," said WDBJ7 Reporter Justin Ward.

"Oh it is, it's a definite safety hazard. And with a sidewalk it would be, it would be ideal," Ford said.

Ford took his concerns to town leaders and they're listening.

South Boston is asking the Virginia Department of Transportation to build a side walk from where it ends to Halifax County High School adding a cross walk across other busy roads like route 501.

Urban projects like this can be funded by the state but first a study will decided which side of the street deserves a sidewalk.

"They've definitely taken interest, which I'm mighty proud that they have taken this step," Ford said.

He says when the sidewalk is eventually built, it will serve as a bridge between two popular walking areas long overdue.