Eight days until voters head to the polls, and locally some of you are receiving guides on the candidates and you are being encouraged to bring that guide with you to the voting booth. Our WSBT Fact Finder team wanted to find out if it's OK to bring it with when you vote.

Advance America's website claims it's a non-partisan organization that's also pro-tax reform, pro-family, and pro-church.

The Indianapolis-based group sent the voter guide to people in the mail for congressional, statewide and legislative races. It ranks the candidates from zero to ten on where they stand on issues like the marriage amendment and tax increases... giving for the most part Republicans a ten and Democrats a zero.

"Ordinarily interest groups send these kind of ratings cards. It is less usual for folks to give to every voter their rating card," said Elizabeth Bennion, IU South Bend political science professor.

Professor Bennion questions how Advance America got its information... what voting records, legislation and statements they used.

The flyer is legal and you can take it into the voter booth...as long as you keep it hidden.

"Those things have to be put into a pocket and taken back out in the same pocket they walked in with. I shouldn't put my views on you and you shouldn't put your views on me," said St. Joseph County Clerk Chief Deputy Rita Glenn.