"I'd tried every product for nosebleed that I could find or my doctor
could find. Everything else is on the inside of your nose. It either
hurts or starts bleeding when you pull it out. You can't really
breathe through your nose while you have your nose stuffed up."

He went inside to work on the invention, called Nose Buddy until he
found that name was taken, when he overheard "Rosebud" from the next
room where his brother was watching "Citizen Kane." The device was
prototyped within 72 hours, and he licensed it to another company.

"They did the manufacturing and the marketing and I would get a
royalty percentage," he says. "I didn't have any business experience."

When that company closed in 2010, he bought NoseBudd back. "I got the
manufacturer in China and the list of people they were selling to and
some marketing materials and stuff like that," he says. "I've been
running it ever since."