State Police have shut down a long stretch of north-bound Interstate 65 between Lebanon in Boone County and mile marker 158 in northern Clinton County.

A tanker truck overturned on I-65 near State Road 28 in Clinton County.  State Police say there were no serious injuries.  It was snowing at the time but investigators have not said if that contributed to the crash.

In Jasper County, State Police say there were two overturned trucks and a jackknifed semi in three sperate locations of north-bound  I-65.  One lane is open at the 226 mile marker. There were no injuries reported in those crashes.  State Police say, "Weather was definitely a factor."

Boone County Sheriff's Department says there were two other crashes on I-65 in their County but no one was injured and the scenes have been cleared.

FOX 59's Vanessa McClure will have a full report on how drivers were caught off guard, tonight on FOX 59 at 10 p.m.