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Got writer's block? Lin-Manuel Miranda has a playlist for you
If you’re afflicted with writer's block, “Hamilton” creator Lin-Manuel Miranda doesn't want you throwing away your shot — and he's made...
Got writer's block? Lin-Manuel Miranda has a playlist for you

The List: Los Angeles Times bestsellers (hardcover and paperback) for the week

Browse the bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction this week.


Louise Erdrich and Matthew Desmond win National Book Critics Circle Awards

Matthew Desmond took the nonfiction prize for his book “Evicted: Poverty and Profit in the American City,” published by Crown, and Louise Erdrich...

Trump wants to cut NEA funding; literary Twitter reacts

As if literature needs any more

Double bubble trouble: John Scalzi on living in two Americas

As a writer of liberalish tendencies, and one with an active — meaning, loud — political and social presence online, I am often accused...

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