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Francisco Goldman maps 'The Interior Circuit'
Francisco Goldman's "The Interior Circuit: A Mexico City Chronicle" is so sneakily brilliant it's hard to put into words. Part...
Francisco Goldman maps 'The Interior Circuit'

The List: Los Angeles Times bestsellers (hardcover and paperback) for the week

Browse the bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction this week.


See the debut trailer for 'Wild' -- Cheryl Strayed is wild about it

Cheryl Strayed's memoir "Wild" is a story of her solo hike along the 1,000-mile Pacific Crest Trail, but it's much more than that. It's about love and grief and...

A carnival of books and pop culture at Book Show bookstore

“Are books the new vinyl? I think they are,” Jen Hitchcock says. A 20-year veteran of the music industry, she had seen vinyl records disappear and...

George R.R. Martin is not dying, and 'Game of Thrones' leads Emmys

“Game of Thrones,” HBO’s adaptation of George R.R. Martin’s epic fantasy novels, earned Read More...

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