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Real-life 'Billion Dollar Spy' reads like a Cold War fiction thriller
One wintry night in early 1977, in the depths of the Cold War, a furtive man approached a CIA officer at a gas station reserved for...
Real-life 'Billion Dollar Spy' reads like a Cold War fiction thriller

The List: Los Angeles Times bestsellers (hardcover and paperback) for the week

Browse the bestselling Fiction and Non-Fiction this week.


Rapacious romance readers prompt all-you-can-read Scribd to scale back offerings

Scribd is one of the companies vying for the title Netflix-for-Books. And it's been successful -- too successful,...

Stephen King's 'Drunken Fireworks' -- available only on audio

Stephen King likes to play with delivery systems. In 1996, he wrote  Read More...

Texas residents demand LGBT children's books be banned from public library

Two LGBT-themed children's books have come under fire at a Granbury, Texas, public library. Dozens of community members have demanded that "My Princess Boy" and...

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