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The team behind 'Top of the Lake: China Girl' plunges into prostitution, illegal surrogacy, motherhood — and humor

›  With the Golden Globes' recent respectability, don't expect any surprises in the nominations
›  Frozen mountain peaks are all in a day's work for cinematographer Mandy Walker
›  'Apes' director Matt Reeves: I wanted to push ... Caesar's story into the realm of the mythic'

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›  HBO stands by Russell Simmons' new season of 'All Def Comedy,' series will air as scheduled
›  Envelope Roundtables 2018: Actors and directors discuss this season's top films and more
›  Charlie Rose is suspended by CBS following sexual harassment claims by women who worked on his PBS talk show
›  Taylor Swift's 'Reputation' finishes first week with sales topping 1.2 million
›  Dan Stevens, Christopher Plummer star in the jolly, madcap 'The Man Who Invented Christmas'
›  Peter Cullen's long road as Optimus Prime continues with ‘Transformers: Titans Return’
›  Jeff Daniels is drawn to the unexpected — his role as a moody villain in a TV western filled that bill

Did You Hear ...? Louis C.K. falls further, Taylor Swift kills it and more from the week in entertainment

A comic’s life turns unfunny, a pop star delivers the goods, movie warrior women show more skin, a magazine gets a new honcho and Holl...

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