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Peak TV means so much gets overlooked at awards time — The Envys are here to fix that

›  Emmy predictions: Voters' toughest choice this year comes down to 'Feud' versus 'Big Little Lies'
›  'Handmaid's Tale' and 'Leftovers' star Ann Dowd feels a certain kinship with both Emmy-nominated roles
›  Through 'Feud,' Jessica Lange tapped into a universal need — to stay valued

More Entertainment

›  John Oliver urges conservatives to condemn Trump's Charlottesville response: 'Say his name'
›  Disneyland meets Hogwarts at $700-million USC Village
›  Trump coverage goes dark as news networks and the nation gather around the eclipse
›  A stage comedian and movie star, Jerry Lewis was also very much a man of television
›  Commentary: Hail 'Hard Knocks.' Hail the F-bombs, the pathos, the broken spirits. But also admire the first-rate storytelling.
›  Jerry Lewis often scored laughs with a major assist from his musical expertise
›  'Hamilton' in L.A.: Think of the touring show as a remix of the Broadway smash

Did You Hear ... ? Late-night TV takes on Trump, Tom Cruise lands hard and more from the week in entertainment

The leader of the free world set off a late-night firestorm, a superstar got hurt, a singer scored a symbolic victory, a Broadway star becam...

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