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In a first, scientists rid human embryos of a potentially fatal gene mutation by editing their DNA
Using a powerful gene-editing technique, scientists have rid human embryos of a mutation responsible for an inherited form of heart disease...
In a first, scientists rid human embryos of a potentially fatal gene mutation by editing their DNA


By adding an antibody to HIV treatment, researchers send virus into 'sustained remission' in monkeys

Scientists may have found a way for patients with HIV to keep the virus in check without having to take powerful drugs every day. But despit...

Science Now

Cosmic radiation may leave astronauts with long-term cases of ‘space brain,’ study says

This is your brain in space — and it does not look pretty. Scientists studying the effects of radiation in rodents say that astronauts expos...

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How ‘Goldilocks fires’ can give rise to vibrant bird communities years after a forest blaze

California has a complicated relationship with wildfires.

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Health and Medicine

With CRISPR, scientists correct genetic mutation that causes sickle cell disease

The promise of a revolutionary gene-editing technology is beginning to be realized in experiments aimed at curing sickle cell disease.

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Congress takes aim at the Clean Air Act, putting the limits of California's power to the test

California is confronting the limits of its power to save federal environmental protections as Congress and the Trump administration take ai...

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