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What germs are riding the subway with you? You'll be surprised
What microbes are lurking in the Boston subway system? A team of scientists armed with sterile cotton swabs and a bit of soap rode the Red,...
What germs are riding the subway with you? You'll be surprised


The dying breed of craftsmen behind the tools that make scientific research possible

Hunkered down in the sub-basement of the Norman W. Church Laboratory for Chemical Biology, underneath a campus humming with quantum teleport...

Science Now

On Jupiter, never-ending auroras seem to be 'throwing a fireworks party' for approaching NASA craft

On Jupiter, Fourth of July fireworks last year-round.

›  To do better in school, kids should exercise their bodies as well as their brains, experts say
›  Church attendance linked with reduced suicide risk, especially for Catholics, study says


Decades after the Montreal Protocol, there are signs the hole in the ozone layer has begun to heal

For the first time in 30 years, the gaping hole in the ozone layer above Antarctica is showing signs of healing.

›  VW settles emissions-cheating cases for $14.7 billion and agrees to buy back cars
›  Lead exposure soared after kids in Flint started drinking tainted water, CDC says

Health and Medicine

Two new vaccines can protect against Zika after a single shot

Just five months after the Zika virus was declared a global public health emergency, a scientific team’s feverish efforts to create a vaccin...

›  Heart disease and cancer are responsible for nearly half of all deaths in the U.S., report says
›  35 million dead in 35 years — and people are still dying from HIV/AIDS


Hundreds of companies in the U.S. are selling unproven stem cell treatments, study says

Have your weekly pickup basketball games left you with pain in your knees that just won’t go away? Do you suffer from chest pain, lung disea...

›  British scientists are freaking out about 'Brexit' too
›  Electric field can make chocolate more healthful, and some say tastier
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