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Hyper-accurate atomic clock won't lose a second in 15 billion years
Scientists have created an atomic clock so precise that it won't lose or gain a single second in 15 billion years -- roughly the age of our...
Hyper-accurate atomic clock won't lose a second in 15 billion years


Giant magma reservoir mapped deep beneath Yellowstone supervolcano

You know that supervolcano in Yellowstone National Park? The one that, three times in the last 2 million years, spewed enormous amounts of a...

Science Now

Catchy tune caught in your head? Try chewing gum

A new study suggests that if you want to get an annoying songĀ out of your head, chewing a piece of gum might help.

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Quake map puts new attention on Oklahoma, fracking wastewater

Even in an area that was becoming accustomed to earthquakes, a 5.6 temblor near Prague, Okla., in 2011 stood out. The shaking was strong eno...

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›  Five years after BP spill, new rules for offshore drilling aim to boost safety

Health and Medicine

Study rules out link between autism and MMR vaccine even in at-risk kids

At least a dozen major studies have found that early childhood vaccines do not cause autism. But one possibility remained: that immunization...

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›  Promising Ebola drug protects rhesus monkeys


Mosquito magnet? Blame your DNA, study says

Are you a mosquito magnet? If so, your genes may be to blame.

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›  Woolly mammoth genome could shed light on extinctions
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