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Earth-sized planet found orbiting in a habitable zone
Sifting through observations from more than 100,000 distant stars, astronomers say they have discovered the first definitive Earth-sized pla...


Scientists use cloning to make stem cells matched to two adults

Scientists have replicated one of the most significant accomplishments in stem cell research by creating human embryos that were clones of t...


Getting angry with your spouse? Quick, eat something!

Sound familiar? Your normally cheerful spouse has suddenly, and inexplicably, turned cranky and an otherwise pleasant day is fast becoming a...

›  A new mathematical model can cut jet-lagged time in half, study says
›  Stunning photos recall the magic of Comet ISON's journey


U.S. greenhouse gas emissions dropped 3.4% in 2012

Greenhouse gas emissions in the United States dropped by 3.4% in 2012, federal environmental regulators reported Tuesday.

›  California to set chromium limit for drinking water supplies
›  EPA drastically underestimates methane released at drilling sites


For vegetative patients, a brain scan may detect hope of recovery

In the netherworld that lies between death and full consciousness, some grievously injured or ill patients will remain suspended indefinitel...

›  Increases in women's BMI linked to fetal, infant deaths, study says
›  Free samples of prescription drugs are costly to patients, study says


Mystery object in Saturn's ring may be a new baby moon: Peggy

The moons that orbit Saturn may be increasing by one -- an icy, pint-sized object that astronomers have named “Peggy.”

›  Identical twins, one case of Down syndrome: a genetic mystery
›  Like mini fighter pilots, fruit flies can execute hairpin turns
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