Newsletter: Water and Power


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When William Mulholland brought water from the Owens Valley to thirsty Los Angeles in 1913, he didn't mince words. "There it is. Take it," he proclaimed. Over the next century, the quest for water to support growing cities and booming farms has become a dominant theme of California. The state's four-year drought has tested many assumptions about water in California and sparked much debate.

Water and Power is the Los Angeles Times' guide to the drought. We'll bring you the latest news, introduce you to the important players, provide analysis and separate drought fact from myth. Water and Power will showcase the best reporting from The Times plus a sampling of coverage from other news organization, academics, bloggers, government agencies and readers like you.


Host: Shelby Grad

I’m Shelby Grad, and I oversee California and Metro coverage for the Los Angeles Times. Since joining the Times in 1990, I’ve worked as a reporter and editor covering county government, urban affairs, wildfires, earthquakes, rains, droughts, public corruption and celebrity misbehavior, among other things. My staff won Pulitzer Prizes for coverage of the Bell corruption scandal in 2010 and the San Diego wildfires in 2003. I’m also an L.A. history buff.


Host: Alice Walton

And I’m Alice Walton, a staff writer for the Los Angeles Times. I’m a Californian by choice (thanks USC!). For the past decade, I’ve covered politics, with occasional pit stops on the courts and crime beat. For years I wrote the Maven’s Morning Coffee, a daily newsletter on politics in Los Angeles. I’m a voracious reader, which certainly comes in handy with this job. And if I can tear myself away from the computer long enough, you’ll probably find me exploring Southern California on my bicycle.

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